GUEST HOUSE "Kundziņu salas"

A place where time stops, enjoying bird songs...

"Kundzinu salas" is a family business where we realize our dream of an ideal holiday destination. Like the city of Riga, "Kundzinu salas" is never ready – every day flower beds, a sauna garden and a park get larger and more colorful.

At our place you can enjoy the peace of nature, complemented by:

- fishing - pike, tench, roach, crucian carp
- Boat ride on the pond
- Evening at the campfire, boiling a delicious soup
- heating in the bathhouse and bathing in pond or in the warm outdoor tub under the starry sky

For small visitors there are 2 trampolines, a playground, a swing, a sandbox as well as our small chicken and rabbit garden.

Countryside peace and quiet just an hour's drive from the center of Riga.

Internal rules


Sauna house "Žagatas"

The sauna house is suitable for a sauna evening for family, friends, as well as for small celebrations for up to 25 guests during the summer season and 20 during the winter season. 

Next to the celebration room is a sauna area with a shower room and a spacious terrace with a staircase to the pond and tub. The terrace is also a very nice outdoor space during winter – it will protect you from winds and rain.

There are 13 beds in the house, which are located in three bedrooms on the second floor of the building.

  • Bedroom No.1 – Double bed 140x200 and Single bed (3 adults)
  • Bedroom No.2 - Double bed 140x200 and bunk beds (4 adults)
  • Bedroom No.3 - Double bed 140x200 and four single beds and baby bed (6 adults, 1 child under 3).

Improvements: sauna, shower, 2 WC rooms, built-in kitchen, cooktop, dishwasher, kettle, toaster, microwave, fridge, TV, LMT SmartTV, stereo audio system, WiFi, outdoor terrace with barbecue equipment.


Family room "Dūjas"

The family room "Dūjas" is designed and suitable for families with children, it is located on the 1st floor of the building, easy access with a baby carriage. Spacious seating area with sofa and TV. The kitchen area is equipped with a dining table and a built-in kitchenette for preparing meals.

  • Bedroom No.1 - Double bed 160x200 (2 adults)
  • Bedroom No.2 - Bunk single beds and single bed (3 adults)
  • Improvements - built-in kitchen, dishes, cooktop, kettle, toaster, refrigerator, TV and LMT internet TV, WiFi.
  • WC and shower room.
  • Outdoor terrace with barbecue equipment.

Family room "PŪCĪTES"

The room is designed and suitable for families with older children or a company of friends, located on the 2nd floor of the building.

  • Bedroom No.1 - Double bed 140x200 (2 adults)
  • Bedroom No.2 - 2 Double beds 140x200 (4 adults)
  • Bedroom No.3 - 3 Single beds (3 adults)
  • Improvements - built-in kitchen, dishes, cooktop, kettle, fridge, TV and LMT internet TV, WiFi.
  • WC and shower room.
  • Outdoor terrace with barbecue equipment.



Time stops when you breathe in the smell of sauna herbs, feel sauna whisk on your body and swim in the water...

Forget daily hurry, get rid of daily worries in a wood-fired sauna.

Offer for 4h for up to 5 people (Sunday to Thursday).

Price – 50 EUR.


Bath ritual for families with newborns from 9 days of age. Every newborn brings a ray of light and love in each family. This bathhouse ritual is an ancient Latvian custom and baby's first bath time. Parents put words full of love into the water of the first bath, giving the child a blessing for his life. For both mom and dad, child's arrival in the family is a moment of transformation when we experience the power of unconditional love.

At our place, soaring is a family celebration when we devote a day to baby and love of family. At this point, we become your family's supporters on this day, alongside your child's preparation for Mara's land. Cleansing your baby's skin is also of special importance, as skin is the largest respiratory organ that supplies baby with oxygen. During the bathing of a child at a temperature of about 40 degrees, the skin of the child is cleaned of bristles - glands, which have kept the baby in the mother's body from being soaked. The separation of the mother and the child in the energetic space is also important, when the mother is no longer a safe place for the child, but a companion in the way of their life. Arrival of the baby for father is associated with the expansion of the love space, and with additional responsibilities, thus oak power whipping will be a good support for this task.

Kundziņu salas - soaring
  • Preparation of nine herb flower water
  • Rye bread baking
  • Baby bathing & skin cleansing
  • Healing and cleansing soaring for mother
  • Healing and strengthening soaring for father

Duration of procedure 6-7h. Price –150 EUR.

Under the stars…

... time stops while watching the stars and meeting each other again! Love and time are the greatest gift we can give each other. Our dream was to escape from the city and the autumn cold, slipping into a warm tub under the sky. We want to give this feeling to you at "Kundziņu salas" nature concert hall…

The adventure includes:

  • Night bath in a tub
  • Overnight stay at the most romantic room "Dūjas", which will surprise you with its aura and ambience.

Offer is valid from October 1 to May 31.


from Sunday to Thursday – 80 EUR;

on Fridays and Saturdays – 90 EUR.



For guests staying at the accommodation angling is free of charge. 

Anglers’ records in 2018 – a pike 2990 gr and a tench fish 1150 gr. 

There is a pond on the territory of the accommodation with the square of 2 ha. Maximum depth – 2 m.

The guests staying at the accommodation may angle both from the bank and a wooden boat. 

The pond is an artificial water reservoir created 10 years ago. There are natural population fish in the pond – pikes, tench, crucian carps, roach.

Grass carps are launched in the pond to clean it from the aquatic weed. Fee for catch of a grass carp – 8 EUR/kg. 

In spring 2019 it is planned to supplement the pond with juvenile and medium-size carp population



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Address: "Kundziņsala", Vidriži, Limbažu County, LV4013

GPS coordinates: Lat: 57.3210692, Lon: 24.5865876
VAT registration No. LV40103846054
IBAN: LV66 HABA 0551 0391 8983 6